Our Philosophy


At Printmax we are passionate. Passionate about life, business, society and prosperity. For individuals to prosper and enjoy life, society must prosper. For society to prosper people must care, assist and deliver. We seek to partner with our customers by taking the time to care about the results we are being asked to deliver. We seek to understand how they are delivering value to society so that we can assist them deliver that value, so that all may prosper.


With this philosophy we like to ask hard questions: So why do you want this form? Who uses it? How does it add value? How can we assist to make the process better? We are a proactive supplier. Yes we are a commercial printer. And we do print documents. But if our customers allow us to partner with them, we provide so much more value. We do not see ourselves as “just a commercial printer”.




As owners of Printmax we use the image above in our correspondence to represent the Harmony we choose to be part of:

Harmony of civilization with nature. We chose to live and bring up our family in Christchurch. The Mackenzie Country represents just one of the many majestic locations close to Christchurch that offers idyllic outdoor activities like skiing, boating and walking. We believe in sustainable industry to support a social infrastructure that offers world class lifestyles here in Christchurch. So that we can all enjoy a life balance of family and prosperity, in harmony with one another and with nature.


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